About Us

Blue Glacier, LLC offers an extremely unique blend of expertise in security and intelligence consulting.

Our team has over 40 years of total experience, and hails from both the public and private sector. Our consultants have years of experience in highly classified intelligence, having advised and provided recommendations to the highest levels of the U.S. Government.

Our associates also have well-earned reputations as the best in their fields in the private sector, including risk assessments for various sizes and types of corporations and individuals, and various security services for American and foreign celebrities, dignitaries, and corporate C-level officials.

About Our Name

Our name Blue Glacier is partly inspired by an iceberg, the top of which is the only part visible to naked eye.  The area below the “waterline” is not usually visible to our clients and consists of understandings, judgments, methodologies, tradecraft, decades of experience, and impressively meticulous and detailed work.

Blue Glacier personnel have over 40 years of combined intelligence and security experience, in both the public and private sectors.  Our personnel are also active members of ASIS International, the leading organization for security professionals worldwide; InfraGard, a partnership between the FBI and the private sector; the Association of International Risk Intelligence Professionals; and the Intelligence and National Security Alliance.  Blue Glacier is also a constituent in the U.S. State Department’s Overseas Security Advisory Council, established to promote security cooperation between American private sector interests worldwide and the U.S. Department of State.